How To Repair Your Toilet?

How To Repair Your Toilet?

Your home toilet is very important in your house. Facing a toilet problem is a frustrating matter that can annoy you. However, toilet problems are easy to fix and you can deal with them yourself.

Here are some common toilet problems that you can face and how to deal with them.


Fix Your Flushing Problems

In case your toilet tank slowly fills or it doesn’t completely get filled, check the flush valve of your tank. You may need to replace it especially if it has been used for many years. Even if your flush valve is good, check for flushing debris in your fill valve and clean it after turning off your water supply line.

In addition, you have to check your toilet bowl because it leads to weak flush and other problems if it is leak in gor has any damage.


Noisy Toilet

There are many reasons that can let your toilet makes abnormal noises. Therefore, you have to know the real reason behind your toilet’ noise.

If the water pressure is high or low, you need to adjust it to get rid of the noise. Even if you observe debris in your fill valve, try to clean it. You can replace it in case the noises continue.


Toilet Running Constantly

When your toilet runs constantly, it is an annoying problem that wastes huge amounts of water. In case you suffer from this problem, check your toilet’s flush valve and try to clean it if it has debris. Then you have to ensure that the flapper is correctly placed in its right place.

Moreover, if the water level in your toilet tank is high, it overflows and let your toilet running constantly. There are more reasons for this problem as corrosive flapper seal and the ball cock assembly.


Clogged Toilet

If your toilet becomes clogged,don’t worry, it is a common toilet problem that you can fix alone.

All you have to do to unclog your toilet is to buy a toilet plunger. Then with patience, use it many times until you manage to unclog your toilet successfully.


Loose Flush Handle

Loose flush handle is a problem that you can fix yourself. By using a wrench, you can tighten it correctly. Check the handle mounting nut to tighten it as well.

If this doesn’t solve your problem,check the tank chains. In case you find your chain is loose, try to remove some chain links to shorten it.


Leaky Toilet

In case you notice leaks at your toilet’s base, try to not use your toilet until fixing this problem.

Usually, this problem happens because of the wax ring. Therefore, start by removing your toilet and there place the wax ring to stop your toilet leak.